Infiniti pleasant moments that have occurred during the Yoga workshops Hipsecrets held last Saturday at the study Just B Milan. Thank you all for letting me a wonderful memory. I am increasingly convinced that it is the interactions we have with others to give us the opportunity to know our higher self. Bless you!

La posizione Yoga Kamatkarasana è conosciuta anche come Rockstar pose o Wild thing pose,

Interest Kara Sana, posizione Yoga also known as Rockstar pose O Wild thing pose, it's a asana extremely entertaining and energizing that allows you to express strength and grace at the same time. E’ a powerful mix of extension of the column, balance arms, opening the hips and core strength. Its benefits are: stretching the chest muscles, the shoulders and the flexor muscles of the hips. At the same time he gives strength to arms, shoulders and extensors of the hips and is also a great remedy for reducing symptoms of depression.

Pose Yoga Eka Pada Koundinyasana II è una divertente posizione Yoga di livello intermedio/avanzato che prende il nome dal saggio Koundinya. Tra i benefici: rinforza spalle, braccia e polsi, tonifica i muscoli del core, migliora l’equilibrio e la capacità di rimanere attenti e focalizzati.

Located in the center of the chest, the heart chakra can be defined as the “seat of the soul”. Associated lung and associated with the air element can imagine this center as the meeting point of our emotional experiences. The heart has the ability to radiate the more evolved aspects of the human being: compassion, unconditional love and total faith in the Divine. But if unbalanced may reflect feelings of insecurity, disappointment, loneliness and despair. To unearth Anahata chakra you need to work on pranayama, meditation associated with its Bija mantra is Yam and all asana backward extension column. Its color is green.

In the last few years with my work I got to experience how much stress has become the evil of the century. sure, there are still people who manage to juggle in today's society with great serenity, but it is whitefly. Most of the people is always running and, in running, you lose the intoxicating beauty of the present moment, the flow of the breath, the perception of one's body, their moods, the beauty of nature, as well as those alarm bells, in the form of veiled messages, different for each of us, the body sends us daily.

But we learn to live the present moment.

When confusion assails us sit down, possibly in a quiet place, socchiudiamo eyes and look. Without doing anything special. simply observe. We observe our breath, our thoughts, our emotions, un po’ as if for a moment we take that huge burden that we always carry on our shoulders and poggiassimo ground savoring the wonder that comes from observing the way things are, refraining from judgment and try to interfere on them to change them at will.

This very natural intention alone can re-create the ideal ground to move from action condition, apparently, but only apparently, It would seem to be more useful, to a condition linked to the awareness of being. To do so does not need to be an enlightened yogi or. All we can carve out a few minutes of the day to cultivate awareness and become more intimate with our moods.
And if you spend ten minutes of your time it can seem absurd and unproductive, try! Magically you will notice the enormous gain that comes from seeing things more clearly, order and simplicity.

To live healthy and full of energy necessary to cure the body wellness, mind and spirit. None of these components can be neglected. In the center that I direct in Catania, Pilates Fusion, we particularly care about this issue and we accompany you in the path towards greater harmony which then means to feel good. For this was born Facebook page Pilates Fusion that every day offers news, advice, insights to support your path of awareness and experience your body, your mind and your spirit to 360 degrees. If you want to add yourself to our community, however, more and more numerous, I like to just click on the page and, You will be, share with us your impressions.

Da quest’anno al Pilates Fusion abbiamo introdotto tanti nuovi corsi per rispondere alle esigenze di chi ama muoversi con intelligenza. Per la prima volta in Sicilia arriva Odaka Yoga, uno stile dinamico di Yoga nell’assoluto rispetto della tradizione millenaria di questa splendida e versatile disciplina. Abbiamo inserito anche due lezioni di Pilates in gravidanza per consentire alle future mamme di vivere al meglio il magico momento dell’attesa, libere dallo stress e dai dolori. Venite a trovarci per provare la magica esperienza di vivere il proprio corpo e la propria mente con intensità.


You are wondering how to become Pilates teachers? To discover the endless fields of application of this fantastic method frequented the During Pilates Matwork training basic level that will keep the 13/14 September and 04/05 October 2014 al Pilates Fusion. At the end of the course to become Pilates teachers It will be released on the national diploma Csen.

If you have already attended a Pilates class base also with other schools you can improve your preparation with the training of Pilates Matwork advanced level and small tools: 27/28 September and 18/19 October 2014 (2 weekend, ore 10-18), always to Pilates Fusion.

Do not miss the opportunity to turn your passion into a profession and to seize the chance to become Pilates teachers. For information and registration immediately contact the secretariat of the Maf: 090/332282 – 3892382069. Last places.

Sunday 24 March at 10, in occasione dello YogaFestival Catania, lezione di Yogalates Fusion, exciting mix TECNICHE tra di Pilates and yoga. Non mancate! c / o Palazzo della Cultura, Via Vittorio Emanuele 121

During Pilates Matwork level based organized by MAF school Italy in collaboration with Studio Pilates Fusion of Catania to the award of National Diploma CSEN,it (Sports promotion agency issued by the CONI).

Teaching: Enzo Ventimiglia

Head Office: Pilates Fusion – Your Polish 15 – Catania


1° weekend 14/15 September 2013

2° weekend 05/06 October 2013


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